Acid-proof tanks

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The company HML NOSEWICZ specializes in the production of pressure vessels and without pressure from stainless and acid-proof steel on the industry:
• fuel and energy
• chemical
• food
• dairy
• brewing
• cosmetic

As a manufacturer of stainless steel tanks, we care for the high quality of materials used and additional equipment, such as measuring apparatus, valves and nozzles. We take special care in the production process of tanks intended for storing hazardous substances. Our acid-proof tanks are characterized by exceptional durability and resistance. Each acid-proof tank is manufactured with all necessary standards and production standards.

The tanks can be produced in any configuration and retrofitted depending on the client’s needs. The main divisions of tanks are:

Orientation division:
• Vertical
• Horizontal

Division into location:
• Underground
• Overground

Division into the shape / type of the bottom:
• Flat
• Conical
• Pressed

Split into shells:
• single-shell tanks
• double-shell tanks
• multi-jacket tanks

The division due to the functionality:
• storage tanks
• process tanks
• pressure tanks CE / PED (97/23 / EC)

regarding the technical conditions for technical supervision that tanks should comply with
non-pressure and low-pressure systems for storage of liquid inflammable materials.

The HML Nosewicz company is a producer of stainless steel tanks, which, depending on the size and type of construction, are widely used in industry. Tanks can have different functions in the technological process, therefore the appropriate device must have appropriate dimensions, orientation, shape of the bottom and construction of the so-called. shell. All parameters are included in the project, prepared by our qualified engineers and consulted with the client and, if necessary, also with the notified body.