Industrial mixers

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Modern industrial mixers are devices that have specialized applications in various industries. They are used to obtain homogeneous mixtures consisting of two or several substances. They are mainly mixers for powdery materials and powders.

Mixers for individual orders

The HML Nosewicz company manufactures industrial mixers for individual orders according to the customer’s needs. According to the purpose of the mixer, all the necessary parameters of the mixer are carefully planned (parameters depend on the material to be mixed), such as tank capacity, drive power, tank suspension height, sheet thickness), thanks to which the mixers are efficient and perfectly fulfill their role. HML Nosewicz offers machines that are reliable and ensure long-term operation, even in the harshest industrial conditions.

Mixers are part of professional process equipment that we manufacture in our technology park. The HML Nosewicz company realizes orders for mixers that meet all the necessary standards and the highest safety standards. Thanks to increased control at every stage of production, we put into use the highest quality product that has the necessary approvals and certificates.

Construction of industrial mixers:

Mixers are built in the form of a vertical cylinder based on four legs. From the top, a single-jacket mixer is finished with a lid and bottom with a bottom. The cover may have the form of a conical bottom, one half-cover, two half-covers or a lid with a hatch. The bottom of the mixer may be a flat bottom (inclined towards the infusion opening) or a conical bottom. Mixers are equipped with agitators adapted to the installation. The drive of a single-wall mixer is composed of a stirrer, inverter and motoreducer. Depending on the process needs, propeller or frame mixers are used. All elements are made of stainless steel, which prevents corrosion which creates a risk of leakage from the mixer.

Types of industrial mixers

In the mixer section there are various types of mixing machines. We offer different types of mixers. Due to the construction, we distinguish one, two and three-wall mixers. They are widely used in process and technology. They are used in the processing of raw materials in many industries. All available mixers are grouped by main categories.

Single-wall mixers (internal tank)

The basic units of the single-jacket mixer are the inner tank (inner jacket) and the agitator drive unit. Unilacked mixers have no insulation, so they are also known as uninsulated mixers.

Double-walled mixers (internal tank + insulation)

Double-wall mixers are constructed in the same way as single-wall mixers, but they are distinguished by an insulating jacket made of mineral wool or polyurethane foam. From the outside, the insulation is shielded by a sheet of acid-proof steel. They are also known as insulated tanks.

Three-jacket mixers (internal tank + heating or cooling jacket + insulation)

The three-jacket mixers, in addition to the insulation used in double-jacket mixers, have a heating jacket or a cooling jacket made of acid-resistant sheet metal. The three-jacket mixer has the shape of a cylinder terminated from the house by a flat or conical bottom, while the upper edge is welded to the support ring to form said heating jacket or cooling jacket.

Mixers working under vacuum

Vacuum mixers are used where high product quality is required along with the complete removal of air from the product. Vacuum mixers allow to obtain a perfectly smooth texture without bubbles. It is possible to carry out processes at reduced and increased pressure.

The use of mixers in industry


Process mixers made of stainless steel are mainly made for the chemical industry (chemical mixers for example for mixing industrial dyes, including paint mixers), pharmaceutical industry (pharmaceutical mixers for mixing drugs and biological media), food industry (food mixers for compounding products food, mixing flour with baking ingredients, mixing spices or dried herbs, etc.) and the agricultural industry (agricultural mixers for preparing seed mixtures and feed mixers for breeding).

However, mixers made of structural steel have their application mainly in the construction industry (construction mixers, including, for example, concrete mixers and glue mixers).

High qualifications and experience of our engineers guarantee that we will execute every order taking into account the specificity of the technological process of a given industry. We consider each order individually, both in terms of technical specifics and maximum optimization of production costs. In order to determine the design requirements and the possibility of providing a specific mixer, please contact us.

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