LPG tanks for propane-butane gas storage are made in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive and have CE marking (safe device for use) for the IV climate zone. Their construction includes a revisory hatch with a cover on which the appropriate fittings are mounted.







Standard equipment
Additional configurations
9.2125020901.Dehydration with a valve
level indicator
2. The filling valve
3. Liquid phase valve
4. Safety valve
5. Filling control valve
1. Round well level raiser
2. Probe socket TYPE OH1
3. Probe socket TYPE VH1
4. Probe cover Modular well
5.Adaptation to the Pump (tight version)
10 20002550


After agreement, it is possible to make tanks with different nominal diameters than the above series.

It is also possible to select additional elements of the tank:

connection and electronic probe for measuring the level of filling and temperature,
liquid phase intake valve,
liquid phase return valve,
additional connections for technological purposes,
other connections to be agreed and according to the customer’s needs.

The advantage of underground tanks is their location, due to the level of safety in operation and the infrastructure of the area. The tanks are covered with a modern, ecological anti-corrosion coating characterized by high quality and durability.