Process tanks

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HML Nosewicz offers a wide range of storage and process tanks with a wide range of applications in industry. They are used to store semi-liquid, liquid or powdery materials. The storage tanks manufactured by our company meet all the necessary standards, and the safety of their use is certified by an appropriate certificate.

Construction of storage tanks

Depending on the industry and application, tanks are made of various materials. We manufacture storage tanks in many sizes, up to large containers. The design and additional equipment of the tank also depend on the specificity of the order, which we always do professionally and reliably, regardless of the degree of difficulty.

Our tanks are used in various branches of the economy, including, inter alia, the agricultural industry and the food, chemical and fuel industries. Storage tanks are adapted to the physico-chemical properties of stored materials. This means ensuring material safety and environmental conditions. For this purpose, we propose different storage methods mainly depending on the state of the material.

Underground and underground storage tanks

Our tanks can be equipped with, among others in:
• heating / cooling jacket;
• external and internal coils of various cross-section, shape and purpose;
• agitator;
• smooth speed control;
• specialized agitators for heavy masses;
• temperature measurement;
• pumps;
• automation;
• installations.

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We design pressure equipment, including individual constructions based on the provided guidelines. If necessary, we consult the necessary documentation with the appropriate notified body. Many years of experience gained from industry affects the creation of structures that meet the requirements of our clients.

Production standards for pressure equipment

This business segment has certain technical conditions that pressure equipment must meet. The design activity of HML Nosewicz includes calculation, construction (including the attaching of license, workshop and passport documentation) using the following standards:
1.EN 13445
2. EN 13480
3. ASME VIII div.1
4. AD 2000

We carry out advanced simulations using the finite element method (FEM) and CFD simulations.

Pressure tanks

Pressure tanks are devices widely used in industrial production. Their construction and the material from which they are made depend primarily on the type of pressure device and its purpose. HML Nosewicz manufactures pressure vessels used in various industries that meet the highest safety standards.

Quality confirmed by certificates

High quality of workmanship is confirmed by the necessary certificates. In addition to standard requirements, all additional parameters are consulted with the client, based on the technical documentation provided. Listed below are the pressure vessels offered in accordance with the Directive 97/23 / EC (PED), ASME VIII div.1 87/404 / EWG (SPVD), Sound Engineering Practice (SEP) for the needs of unit and series production, according to the following regulations: EN 13445, AD – MERKBLATT, WUDT / UC / 2003.