Storage tanks

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HML Nosewicz offers a wide range of storage, silo tanks and process tanks with a wide range of applications in industry. They are used to store semi-liquid, liquid or powdery materials. The storage tanks manufactured by our company meet all the necessary standards, and the safety of their use is certified by an appropriate certificate.

Construction of storage tanks

Depending on the industry and application, tanks are made of various materials. We manufacture storage tanks in many sizes, up to large containers. The design and additional equipment of the tank also depend on the specificity of the order, which we always do professionally and reliably, regardless of the degree of difficulty.

Our tanks are used in various branches of the economy, including, inter alia, the agricultural industry and the food, chemical and fuel industries. Storage tanks are adapted to the physico-chemical properties of stored materials. This means ensuring material safety and environmental conditions. For this purpose, we propose different storage methods mainly depending on the state of the material.

Underground and underground storage tanks

Our offer includes ground and underground storage tanks, assembled singly or in groups. Ground storage tanks are free-standing structures mounted on their own supports attached to the foundation slab, which is placed horizontally on a stable ground. Ground tanks can be used in almost all conditions, also in the case of a high level of groundwater. The advantages of this type of tanks is a simple and quick installation process, as well as its low cost.

Underground storage tanks are structures for underground development in green areas or passageways. This is the best solution when the house is located on a small plot or in a compact development. Then problems such as lack of space or the need to maintain high aesthetics of space are solved, because the only visible element of the underground tank is a discreet cover.

Containers of this type may have single or double walls. The main purpose of ground and underground storage tanks is storage of flammable and non-flammable water pollutants.

Storage tanks and pressure equipment

If you need a storage tank, our specialists will help you choose the best solution. Regardless of whether it is cooling or heating, protection or safe storage of the product, we will provide the right tank for a specific purpose. We also help you choose the right equipment for tank installation.

Specialist storage tanks are equipped with in:
• heating / cooling jacket;
• external and internal coils of various cross-section, shape and purpose;
• agitator;
• smooth speed control;
• specialized agitators for heavy masses;
• temperature measurement;
• pumps;
• automation;
• installations.

Special permits play an important role in the design and production of storage tanks. Often they are decisive not only in choosing the type of storage tank, but also its dimensions, determining the correct load and safety. Our sellers will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information on this subject. Thanks to many years of experience and practice, we have obtained quality certificates in the field of production of storage tanks in accordance with the applicable standards and directives. We manufacture welded structures according to DIN 18800-7. DIN18800 part 7 is a German standard specifying the prefabrication of steel structures for the German market. We have a welding certificate according to DIN 18800-7. According to this standard, we are authorized to manufacture structures for the German market. We also have approval in the production of pressure equipment made of carbon steel and acid resistant steel according to the Directive 97/23 / EC. This directive applies to the design, manufacture and assessment of conformity of pressure equipment or assemblies with the maximum allowable pressure in excess of 0.5 bar.

We can boast of a qualified team of engineers, as well as a rich tradition and large production capabilities. Reliability and professionalism are the greatest assets of our company. The main domain of our activity is the highest quality pressure equipment and comprehensive design of pressure equipment. The individual approach to each client distinguishes us from many similar companies on the market. We are convinced that our metal products will meet your expectations in terms of quality and price. To meet this challenge, we constantly improve the technological process and raise the standards of customer service. We want our pressure equipment and our other metal products to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. We thoroughly analyze the needs of each client and suggest the best-suited solution. We guarantee timely delivery and execution of each order at the highest level. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the effects of our work as part of ground and underground storage tanks and other equipment. Our engineers will find the best solution.

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